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Restoration After Fire Damage

Fire damage is complex, with destruction from burining, water and flame retardant, and soot and smoke left behind. Let our trained professionals take care of it all and restore your damaged property to new condition.

Fire is one of the most devastating disasters that can occur to your property. The reason is the damage is so widespread and extensive – you not only have burned property from the actual fire, but smoke and soot damage and water damage that can spread to other areas of the house. AAA American Restoration is highly experienced and expertly trained to handle these complex problems and we know just what to do to get your home or business back to pristine condition should you experience a fire emergency.

We remove and haul damaged materials, and after the initial assessment, that’s just the first step. What follows is a detailed procedure of remediating and firefighting damages from water and flame retardant, and the resulting soot and smoke infiltration that the fire left behind.

We identify the type of fire that occurred and trace any path the smoke has taken in order to fully deodorize and remove any signs or smells of fire. After the drying and deodorizing and cleaning processes have been performed, our team’s restoration services will complete the job, restoring your property to brand new condition. Call our team today – AAA American Restoration 305-283-5062