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Water Damage RestorationFlooding, Disaster and Emergency

Restoration After Water Damage

Whatever the source of your water seepage and flooding, AAA American Restoration will stop the damage and return your property to pristine condition.

Call AAA American Restoration right away – quick action is essential for water damage emergencies. As soon as you have a flooding, plumbing or other water damage situation, we can be on our way to help you.

We start with assessing and preventing further damage to your property. Our professionally trained experts will remove damaged material, then undergo a special process of cleaning and sanitizing, drying, and finally, restoring the area. Careful attention is given to each step of the process to ensure complete and thorough drying.

Removing water is done with industrial and professional grade equipment with monitoring. Once the property has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, dehumidified and deodorized, we begin the restoration process to return your residential or commercial property to its renewed and finished pristine condition.